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March 10, 2009

Single review: Comic Relief 2009 featuring Ruth Jones, Rob Brydon, Tom Jones and Robin Gibb ‘Barry Islands in the Stream’

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Charity records have long history of being naff. Obviously putting out a credible song isn’t really the point of such records and ultimately the greater cause outweighs the crimes against pop (I still have a copy of Live Aid 20 gathering dust and unused) However, novelty though this is: it does indeed provide comedic relief.

Fans of BBC’s Gavin and Stacey will be well acquainted with Rob Brydon and Ruth Jones (better known here as Bryn West and Nessa Jenkins) and the barn dance band’s cover of croonsome country ballad ‘Islands in the Stream’. This rendition is every bit as entertaining: with the added crooning provided by Sir Tom Jones and Robin Gibb giving it a joyfully hammy something extra! The Bryn West take on James Blunt’s warbly anthem ‘Wisemen’ is another little gem. Comic Relief 2009 is out now, for more on where monies raised will go Raise a smile for yourself, and hopefully, more importantly, for someone else who needs it more.

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