Waterson and Knight are the children of the late Lal Waterson, and the Waterson/ Carthy¬† influence is very evident in the musical, vocal and lyrical phrasing of this charmingly nostalgic debut. The album starts gently, with guitar and voice tracks peppered lightly with violin, piano and harmony voices – those on ‘Father Us’ provided by Kathryn Williams, who co-wrote that track and closer ‘Secret Smile’.’Curse the Day’ (a short ode to PMT)¬† changes the mood with its shifting, traditional folk inspired rhythm; and the instrumentation builds up on ‘The Loosened Arrow’, which showcases marvellous vocal interplay between Waterson and guest lead vocalist, cousin Eliza Carthy. Overall, the album (which also features guest vocals from James Yorkston on ‘Yolk Yellow Legged’) is a subtle, assured work that stands well among the works of the Waterson/ Carthy dynasty and as a modern folk record in its own right.

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