March 8, 2013

[Live Review] Wet Nuns, The Croft, Bristol – 3rd March 2013


(Eds note – this review by Geoffery Crescent)

Wet Nuns drawing by Owen Watts
Wet Nuns, as drawn by Owen Watts

Seal Club kicked the night off with a blend of fuzzy riffs and noise rock style tunes that didn’t quite gel, but brimmed with potential. Lead singer Jack Lawrence would have been wiser to sing within his vocal range; his high notes were often unpleasantly raw and strained. The guitar too sounded best on their simpler songs; the multi-layering effect they occasionally employed left it sounding too distorted to be really enjoyable. Perhaps it didn’t help matters that the band had exactly the same set up as the Wet Nuns, but they came across as a more nervous imitation.

Chinatown Death Cloud was a mish-mash of genres that really didn’t work. Joe Baker on bass and Tom Gavriel on drums were churning out brilliantly funky, chuggy rock that would have been great just on its own but the barely perceptible keyboard would have found a better home in a power metal band. Perhaps this is why keyboardist Barbie looked so bored I was half-afraid she was going to take a nap across the keyboard. Despite some early microphone problems singer Amy had an undeniably powerful voice and while her clean vocals were pleasant, the screaming that made up most of the songs was lyrically indecipherable. Despite frequent requests to turn up her microphone as she couldn’t hear herself, she was loud enough to effectively drown out the other instruments.

Wet Nuns hit the stage with another fantastic set, this is the second time I’ve seen them live and the Yorkshire lads did not disappoint. I marvelled once again at how much noise just two guys can make with a drum kit, guitar and vocals and all of it head-bangingly brilliant. Seen live, their stoner rock riffs are hard to beat and their banter with the crowd was sublime. My only disappointment was that they didn’t play for longer.

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