Honestly, I came to this album from a place of doubt. I mean, that cover picture’s ridiculous isn’t it? People I’m pretty sure I shared a bottle of Monkey Shoulder with behind a circus tent at Shambala last year cleaning their teeth in a parking lot. What does it all mean? (My guess: hipsters). I didn’t think much of value could lurk behind such a cover. I was very wrong.

He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister (lead by brother/ sister duo Rob and Rachel Kolar) are a quintet from Los Angeles, California, and Nobody Dances in This Town is their debut album. It’s an exciting debut, exciting in that way that you recognise the references, but as a whole the sound is very new, rather like when you first heard The White Stripes or Kill It Kid. Broadly it’s bluesy country rock, a little bit Rolling Stones, a little bit Big Brother and the Holding Company. It’s much more than that though, there are vaudeville elements that wouldn’t be amiss on a Tom Waits record, and something about “Same Old Ground” makes me think of T-Rex and Arcade Fire in equal measure. Over eleven tracks, from the Jenny Lewis gone rockabilly opener “Tales That I Tell”, to the hymn-like garage rock of closer “Can’t See The Stars”, they cover a lot of ground, and yet the end result is a pleasingly cohesive jaunt that I can foresee soundtracking a lot of my summer and beyond.

Give ’em some love at their website, and forgive me my initial prejudice.

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