I recently drove out into the wilds of Somerset with Mary Casio playing. As my car climbed the steep winding ascent of the Mendip Hills around Charterhouse, the insistent horn, synth and vocal fanfare of Sunset Through the Dusty Nebula perfectly evoked the feeling that I was breaking out, bursting through the cloud cover and away from earth (the Mendip plateau reaches a meagre 325 metres above sea level at its highest point). Built up from analogue synths, horns and voices, Mary Casio describes the journey of a synth pioneer leaving her Yorkshire home to visit Cassiopeia. Its seven movements beautifully elicit a sense of interstellar travel, inspiring Kubrickesque images of stars, planets and nebulae as we accelerate through Andromeda M31 and the solar flares of Archid Orange Dwarf, reaching calm vistas that span light years. This is a beautiful journey.

Mary Casio: Journey to Cassiopeia
is out on September 22nd on My Own Pleasure

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