Cover of Duran Duran's Girls on Film 1979 demo

There’s a side to my personality that drives me to stay up late diving down Wikipedia rabbit holes exploring the personnel changes of interesting bands. Rock Family Trees was TV made for me. So of course I was excited to hear about this release, on Cleopatra Records.

Duran Duran was formed by John Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy in Birmingham in 1978. Duffy was the original vocalist, but left to join TV Eye after their vocalist, Andy Wickett, left. Wickett then joined Duran Duran and, with Roger Taylor on drums, these demos – the band’s first recordings – were recorded in Moseley at Bob Lamb’s studio, the home of UB40.

Striking perhaps is just how much Wickett’s vocal delivery feels similar to that of Simon Le Bon. The demo contains other points of similarity. Girls on Film is largely the same song as the Le Bon-era classic with different lyrics, and opener See Me Repeat Me contains elements of what would eventually become Rio. Also striking is just how well the demos stand up both as recordings – from the outset Duran Duran’s (and Andy Wickett’s) talents are obvious. This is a really enjoy exercise in musical archaeology.

The ‘Girls on Film 1979 Demo’ EP is available digitally and on CD, as well as on
stunning red and clear colored vinyl

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