Drahla – ‘Stimulus for Living’

This month saw the release of Drahla‘s debit album Useless Coordinates on Captured Tracks, to widespread warm reviews hailing their mastery of a jagged post-punk sound. Mastery really is the word, and it is no less apparent live tonight. With minimal banter, the band exude poise and a sense that they mean business, even as guitars, bass, drums and guest band member Chris Duffin’s saxophone seemingly skirt chaotic collapse.

Singer/ guitarist Luciel Brown, whose relaxed yet precise delivery has understandably invited comparison to Kim Gordon, covers a lot of ground lyrically, from consumerism to gender identity, juxtaposing ideas in an almost abstract way, somewhat reminiscent of Michael Stipe.

The highlight comes late in the night, in the form of key track React/ Revolt, a jazzy, almost freeform sax-heavy workout punctuated half-way through by a racing punk song, before Drahla exit the stage to a throbbing bass delay sound. An excellent performance, full of promise.

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