Wasuremono on stage at the Fleece
Wasuremono on stage

Wasuremono on stage (l-r Madelaine Ryan, Will Southward & Phoebe Phillips). Photo by Matt Law (CC-BY-SA 3.0)

With a healthy amount of airplay and buzz surrounding recent singles ‘Are You OK?’, ‘Lonely Type’ and ‘Self-Help’, Wasuremono find a receptive and full Bristol crowd for their short set as part of this year’s Dot to Dot Festival. For the unitiated, the Bradford-on-Avon quartet play psychedelia-tinged dreampop, on record the work of singer-songwriter-arranger Will Southward, on stage augmented by Madelaine Ryan (keys and vocals) and sibling duo Phoebe and Isaac Phillips (bass and vocals, and drums and vocals respectively).

Musically, the band meld a range of indie pop and electronic influences, crafting songs that at times recall a less crazed Satanic Panic-era Of Montreal, propelled by Will Southward’s falsetto, 80s drum machine beats and some very The Cure-esque guitar riffs. Crucially, every single chorus gives you the sense it will accompany you as an earworm for days afterwards.

Certainly ones to watch, second album Are You OK? is out on June 14th. You can hear album track ‘New York’ on the May 2019 edition of the Kid Vinyl podcast here.

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