Photo of Pile

Just last week, a colleague and I were discussing the high calibre of gigs in Bristol being promoted by 1% of One, and how well their opening acts suit the headliner. Tonight seems like a perfect example. Openers, Bristol band SANS – who are really loud – play rhythmically complex music that defies predictability and marks them as one of the most exciting bands in the city right now.

Rhythmic complexity had become a much-admired trademark of Pile, the Boston-born newcomers to Nashville, who have just released seventh album Green and Gray. A glance around the room shows that they have a devoted fanbase in Bristol, lost in the powerful yet subtle mix of driving riffs and beats in a tapestry of time signatures. New members Alex Molini on bass and Chappy Hull on guitar meld perfectly with drummer Kris Kuss and singer/ guitarist Rick Maguire, giving a performance as tight as a funk band. The set reaches a crescendo with My Employer, delivered not as the gentle version on the album, but the frantic and feedback drenched alternate version, probably the closest Pile have ever come to an earworm. An excellent set.

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