Kill It Kid live at the Lanes, Bristol
Kill It Kid live at the Lanes, Bristol (credit: Brooke Law)

Long-term KV favourites Kill It Kid were in Bristol a couple of weeks ago, playing at the Lanes as part of the Oxjam weekend. Kid Vinyl caught up with the band in the afternoon before the show, and chatted about their new material, changing line-up, and plans for the future….

KV: So you’ve had a busy summer and autumn so far playing some festivals and touring with Sketches; and showing off new material. Is it fair to say you’ll be bringing the rock a bit more with the new songs

CHRIS [Turpin, voice and guitar]: It is. I’d say we’re leaning more though to the kinda delta blues than on our last album, which was the kind of folk and traditional country feel. So yeah, it can sound more rocky.

KV: Where are you with the new material? Can we expect an album soon?

CHRIS: You can. Well, we’re just finishing signing the next deal. We have a lot of songs we’re going to wade through and kinda cherry pick the ones we want, and work out what fits…

KV: You recorded the last album at Bear Creek Studios near Seattle. Do you have any exciting destinations in mind for this one?

MARC [Jones, drums and mandolin]: We’re trying to figure that one out. We’ve got the option to go back to Seattle, but yeah we’re still very much looking at producers and studios. We just had a discussion actually trying to figure that all out.

CHRIS: We like the idea of doing it kinda live and very quickly. It’ll be a lot rawer than the last, and we’ve had more time to play together as a band. It’d be nice to get it done in a couple of weeks.

KV: Of course your last album came quite quickly after you formed as a band…

CHRIS: Yeah, literally we were signed after three months or something.

KV: What did you think of Bear Creek?

MARC: Well for me it was really cool to be there. The people that have gone through that studio like Soundgarden, Foo Fighters and all those Seattle-type bands were my heroes. It was winter when we were there, and we were kinda snowed in. The studio was nice as well!

CHRIS: Considering we’d only just been signed and we were out in the States…

MARC: …yeah, we were like ‘Wow! I’m Robbie Williams’.

KV: Your show at Moles in Bath this month was Richard’s last with the band [Richard Jones played violin and sang with the band]. Are you currently seeking a new fifth member?

CHRIS: Umm, as yet, no. We were thinking we were going to have to get someone else in, but the new material has gone in the kind of direction where we don’t necessarily need another member. One of the criticisms of the last album was that it was almost too busy, so we’re simplifying it more – a lot more than we do already.

MARC: Steph [Ward, piano and vocals] bought an organ, which kinda is the new Rich I guess

STEPH: Yeah.

KV (to Steph): At Moles I saw you were doing some drumming too

STEPH: Oh yeah. I’m a one-man band now

CHRIS: She’s Dick van Dyke!

KV: So tonight you’re playing for the Oxjam festival…

MARC: Yeah!

KV: How did you come to be booked for the Bristol festival?

MARC: No idea! We get asked very often, but it’s really cool. The thing is, Bristol, although we’re from Bath, we don’t play that much, so any gig that comes up in Bristol we jump on. We want to play them all! We play all over the country but Bristol seems to be an area we missed somehow.

KV: Do you think you’ll stay living in Bath?

CHRIS: Well, the label says we can live anywhere, and London’s only two hours away on the train…

MARC: … most bands as well live all over the place, so we don’t necessarily have to live together. I might go to Alaska or something. I’d just like to live in the States. All fast food and a big car, it’d be really nice.

CHRIS: That could work!

MARC: It’s the dream!

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