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binary options demo account Finally, purely by chance, I caught you talking on the radio over here one morning (maybe a couple of years ago now) about exchanging tapes of Smashing Pumpkins shows. Are you aware of any Woodpigeon live bootlegs? Or do you have a sense that people are less interested in listening again and again to whole live sets?

There’s a couple of Woodpigeon bootlegs people have sent me over the years, which is always interesting to hear back. I’m not sure if people still listen to bootlegs or if there’s quite the same culture around it as there was when I was trading cassette tapes. A little while back I listened to a couple of old boot tapes (including an Elliott Smith one that I remember loving the heck out of some years ago), and was surprised with just how bad it all sounded. The audio fidelity was shocking. On the other hand, I think there’s a new culture springing up where so many bands are allowing folks to tape and it all goes up on archive.org, which to me, really makes it much less exciting.

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